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Seattle Fire Department Emphasizes Fire Safety Best Practices For Businesses and Community Members

The Seattle Fire Department and Police Department have responded to seven intentionally set fires in the Central District vicinity beginning on Dec. 4. Most of the fires have been set to vehicles or debris. The Seattle Fire Department’s fire investigators continue to work closely with the Seattle Police Department’s Arson and Bomb Squad to share information regarding the ongoing investigations.

In light of these recent fires, SFD and SPD ask the public to immediately call 911 if you see someone setting an illegal fire, and to take steps to reduce the chance of a fire occurring at your home or business.



  • Secure business and garage areas by locking doors and windows
  • Clean up wastepaper, grasses, weeds, litter or anything that can burn
    from around buildings
  • Do not allow dumpsters to become overfilled. Locate dumpsters and containers at least five feet away from walls and roof eave lines. Use only metal or metal-lined receptacles
  • Place locks on commercial dumpsters or keep in secured area.
  • Trim shrubbery from doors and windows to improve visibility
  • Install motion-sensor exterior lights

Additional tips for construction sites:

  • Secure security fencing at construction sites
  • Store solvents, fuels and tools in a locked storage container or remove them from the job site when you are not using them
  • Remove trash and debris from the job site
  • Try not to store excess materials on the job site
  • Secure doors and windows on structures when crews are not actively working on the property


  • Test fire and life safety systems, including fire extinguishers, to ensure they are working and in compliance with codes
  • Develop and practice a fire response plan
  • Keep exit ways clear of items which could slow evacuation efforts

General information on new fires that occur in the Central District and neighboring areas will be posted to The Seattle Fire Department blog on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Further details regarding recent fires are kept confidential to maintain the integrity of the investigative process. Note: fires that occur the same day as an update may not be included immediately, as final reports by fire investigators are typically released the following day.

  • Dec. 4: 150 Blk. of 12th Ave. – vehicle fire
  • Dec. 6: 150 Blk. of 12th Ave. – vehicle fire
  • Dec. 6: 900 Blk. of Hiawatha Pl. S. – motorcycle fire
  • Dec. 8: 1400 Blk. of S. Jackson St. – storage shed fire
  • Dec. 8: 16th Ave. S. and S. Main St. – motorcycle cover fire
  • Dec. 8: 19th Ave. S. and S. Jackson St.: debris fire
  • Dec. 8: 1100 Blk. of 21st Ave. S.: two debris fires next to building under construction