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Celebrating 10 years of the SODO BIA

Getting its name for being “south of the dome,” the SODO district went from filled-in tidal flats to the industrial heart of Seattle. Today, SODO is a vibrant and diverse business district. For the last ten years, the SODO Business Improvement Area (BIA) has worked hard to support the neighborhood’s businesses.

The SODO BIA formed in June 2014, after business owners came together to form a community to address issues facing the neighborhood. The organization set out to improve health and safety, transportation, communications, and provide advocacy programs.

Patrol services were added. Sidewalk cleaning offered. The organization made it a point to answer all calls and emails.

“We’re heard and things get fixed,” said Todd Biesold, owner of Merlino Foods.

The original authorization was for five years. The BIA was so successful that it was not only renewed in 2018, but approved for expansion, allowing the organization to double its size and the geography it serves.

Congratulations to the SODO BIA on 10 successful years helping the neighborhood and its businesses thrive!  We’re excited to see how the organization continues to support and advocate for SODO.

Business Improvement Areas are funding mechanisms for business district revitalization and management. BIAs are conceived, designed, and managed locally by those who are paying the assessments. The funds may be used for services such as cleaning and safety programs, advocacy, and business and economic development. There are currently 11 established business improvement areas in the City of Seattle.