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Need a late-night pick-me-up? New ride-hail pickup zone pilot program coming to Capitol Hill

Did you know that Capitol Hill, between Pike and Pine Streets is one of the city’s busiest night life areas? Thousands of people visit the area on weekend nights.

We are working with our city partners including Uber and Lyft to add designated passenger loading zones for late-night pick-ups starting November 14!

As last call approaches and the bars, clubs, restaurants and theaters begin closing, large numbers of patrons start to head home. Many request ridehail services, such as Uber & Lyft.

Map of new ride-hail pickup areas in Capitol Hill for late night passenger load zones. Pickup zones can be found on E. Pine St. and E Union St. between Broadway and 12th Ave.
Map of the new ride hail pick-up zones on E. Pine St. and E. Union St. between Broadway and 12th Ave,

All hail the ride! You can catch yours Thursday – Saturday, Midnight – 3 AM!

Though these ride-hail services provide a safe option home for many, this late-night demand for high numbers of rides can contribute to area congestion, particularly along E Pike St. This can impact the ability of police patrol and emergency response vehicles to enter or access the area.

Working with the Seattle Police Department, the Seattle Office of Film MusicUber, and Lyft, we have developed a new program to help distribute the high demand for rides, Thursday – Saturday between Midnight— 3 AM, to help keep people and drivers moving safely home.

Who does this affect?

Anyone requesting a ride-hail service within the geo-fence (see blue area in map) will be directed to the load zone closest to them, with the option of choosing another if it suits their needs better.

How does this work?

Simple! You request your ride and input your destination as normal. An in-app process will then display a map notifying you of the closest pickup point. You may choose that zone or another zone or leave the geo-fence area for a ride.

Once you arrive at the designated zone you will see a new orange sign below the regular passenger loading signs to make it clear that you are in the right place to catch your ride. As always, double-check the license plate, car make & model, and driver photo to make sure you are entering the right car.

“With this dedicated curb space pilot, riders out late in Capitol Hill can find a convenient ride home at the touch of a button, while helping to alleviate traffic congestion in the busy nightlife area. We’re proud to support this initiative with SDOT. It’s part of our commitment to collaborate with cities in developing innovative transportation options for the communities we serve.”
– Ben Kemp, Sr. Central Operations Manager, Uber

How long will this pilot last?

During the first 30 days, the City with Uber and Lyft will monitor the program closely. We will then review how this pilot is working and make adjustments accordingly.

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