Shopping locally for the holidays? Take the Gift Local Pledge!

Join nearly 2,000 of your Seattle neighbors in taking the Gift Local pledge, created by our friends at Seattle Good Business Network. Take the Gift Local pledge to shop with at least three local independent businesses this holiday, and get a Thank You packet of special offers from dozens of great local independent businesses!

It’s easy and free:

1. Go to

2. Take the pledge (takes 30 seconds)

(For those of you with kids in the family, the packet includes a free cupcake or ice cream scoop from Cupcake Royale, and a scratch magic sticker pack from Top Ten Toys.)

Why gift local? Because every dollar you spend with a local independent business generates an average of three times more income and jobs for our community than a dollar spent with a corporate chain. Not to mention it makes our neighborhood and community more vibrant. How you spend your holiday dollars really does make a difference.